Integrality Check


The Integrality Check is a tool for any kind of organization to explore how their members perceive the organization’s inner coherence (integrality). The Integrality Check consists of a survey, its evaluation and recommended practical actions.

As many members of an organization as possible should participate in the survey. Through the evaluation of the results an organization gets insight into which aspects of integrality its members already experience and which aspects still have potential. The recommended practical actions show which possible directions an organization can take into account to strengthen their integrality.

The survey

All members of an organization should be invited to contribute to the following survey.
Kooptimus offers to create an online survey for organizations. This survey is accesible via mobile phone or desktop, and therefore has a low participation threshold.

Here is a demonstration of the survey:

The evaluation

The evaluation consists of calculating the mean value of every statement and visualizing it in an intuitive way. From top to bottom, the single statements can be related to the following aspects of integrality:

Self-Governance Wholeness Life-Serving-Purpose
Decision-making freedom Emphatic exchange Intrinsic motivation
Frames of systemic consensus Trust & shelter Opportunities to unfold
Fruitful meetings Cooperative feedback Finding personal self
Operational clarity Learning together Co-creating the vision of the organization
Transparency of information Conflict resolution
Governance clarity
Recognize & change

Consequently, the results can be visualized in a radar chart. The bigger the covered area, the higher the integrality within the organization. An example:

Integrality Check – Radar Chart

Recommended actions

Kooptimus recommends reflecting on the results within the organization. Within teams or small groups everyone can articulate how they perceive the results and share any thoughts prompted by this. The groups can look at the aspects with the three highest values, exploring and appreciating the reasons behind their ranking. Additionally, the aspects with the three lowest values might also be reflected on. The aspects with the lowest results contain the highest potential to bring the organization further into integrality. The organization can collect the findings of the teams and groups in order to use it as a basis for change.

We generally recommend generating ideas, impulses and next steps for change from the experience and the wisdom of all the people within the organization. Additionally, Kooptimus will formulate a recommendation of result-related actions based on the evaluation of the Integrality Check.

Making integrality measurable

is part of our mission.