Our prices

The first contact via telephone is free of charge. We only invoice preliminary discussions if you agree to our concept tailored to your needs.

The more our clients already do to support individuals in their ability to be at peace with themselves and their surroundings, and the preservation of our livelihood, the less they pay. Based on the economic concept of the Economy for the Common Good our prices depend on to what degree your organization already aligns with the following criteria.

A Common Good Balance was already created for your organization?

Our recommendation is to calculate your organization’s specific hourly rate by rating the following statements on a range from 0 (absolutely does not apply) to 10 (fully applies). If one of the statements only poorly relates to your organization (e.g. you don’t have financial investments) the related rating can be set to 10. If you have another idea for calculating the hourly rate, we would invite you to contact us directly.

Further explanation for the pricing system

We’d like to do things differently. One contribution to change is our pricing system. It’s a first step and has further development potential. Before we invite you to provide suggestions to improve it we’d like to introduce you to our related thoughts.

Our hourly rate is 600€. In Kooptimus and other projects and organizations we work and fight for a world in which everyone is able to find a path to profound inner satisfaction and freedom. A world in which we can live peacefully and synergetically together. A world in which humankind moves and acts within the ecological limits of the planet.

Due to climate change, refugees, war and conflicts as well as societal shifts based on fear and despair, we see finding new ways as huge priority – news ways which lead to a world that functions for EVERYONE. That’s why we’d like to support organizations that share our vision by offering them benefits. Our first approach is a self-assesment based pricing system.


  • the pricing system is subjective. There will be organizations that are confronted with difficulties assessing themselves. We recommend to chose a configuration that you feel good with regardless of what other organizations would choose as a configuration. It might be helpful to assign one person or a small group of people with this task to discuss the configuration and to come to a decision. We – Kooptimus – won’t assess, review or confront the organization with the selected configuration. We trust the assessment of the organization.
  • If there are statements an organization cannot relate to we ask you to put the related controller to 10. No organization shall have disadvantages if they don’t have financial investments or if they don’t use offices that consume electricity. Maybe it’s even an ecological advantage since perhaps the organization doesn’t produce additional work and consumes fewer resources.

However, we’re also gaining our first experiences with this pricing system. We are open for and invite impulses and ideas of how to design it for greater intuitive and making it even more meaningful. Additionally, we ask you to contact us directly if you experience any difficulties.



Financial investment



Summe€ / Std.


Organizations with Common Good Balance (10% benefit inclusive)

Summe€ / Std.

All prices include 19% VAT

How are the prices calculated?

Based on your input, we calculate a mean value between 0 and 10. Consequently, the prices calculate from the following exponential formula:

price = [ 60 + 54 * ( exp( 0.23979 *( 10 – X )))] – benefit value

Why exponential? The impact that our decisions have on our environment aren’t of linear nature but exponential nature. Every step away from a life in harmony with ourselves, our fellow human beings and our environment impacts our future in an exponentially negative way. And on our price. The other way round: Even small engagement will be rewarded with high benefits.